Second Day of Epiphany: the Breath of Life

wp-1451253268031.jpgWriting while I wait until it’s time to take my bus to the jail to teach meditation, I drew a card from the Wildwood Tarot to post for the second day of epiphany–and what did I draw? The Ace of Arrows/the Breath of Life.

You know that I can’t not talk about meditation after a prompt like that.

I’ve already said a lot of other things about meditation on this blog. So let me simply ask you this:

What could you release, if you took time to breathe?

What could you heal within yourself, if you took time to breathe?

If you have one of those apps on your phone that measures your blood oxygen, how would your blood oxygen level improve, if you took time to really fill up your lungs and breathe from your belly? How would your blood pressure improve?

Meditation can do so many things to improve our lives, but one thing that it absolutely excels at is holding space. Simple, nonjudgemental space in which our feelings, our memories, our hopes and fears, our goals, our physical aches and pains, our sense perceptions, all of it, are allowed to just be there.

What transformation might come about in your life if you simply took the time to breathe and hold space for it?

In 2016, let’s all take time to breathe. Let’s make space in which to release, to receive, and to heal.

Have a wonderful evening.


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