Recommended Reading: December 2015

I so often run across wonderful, beautiful, practical and helpful posts on the Internet. Here’s what I’ve been reading this month.

This beautiful post, What No One Tells You About Trauma, by To Write Love on Her Arms perfectly captures what it is like to live with post-traumatic stress. (Though this post focuses more on physical trauma, and one thing I would add is that not all trauma takes physical form–trauma can also come from neglect, abandonment, emotional abuse, and probably many other sources that I’m forgetting to mention.)

Creating sacred space in prison? That IS magical. In this post Damien Echols talks about how he survived 19 years in prison (for something he didn’t do!), by practicing meditation and magick.

Can pain in your body be related to how you’re feeling emotionally? I know you know the answer is yes. But here’s a post on specifically how different parts of the body relate to different kinds of pain.

Hey, did you know that Rune Soup now has a wonderful new podcast? I just recently listened to episode 2: “Talking animism with Sarah Lawless.” Awesomesauce!

From the Doing Magick blog, an intriguing (and simple) definition of demons and angels. Do you agree with these definitions?

I am one of those head-in-the-clouds people who always seems to need grounding. Here’s a great article on grounding, at Green Stag Spiritwork. And–I am totally just discovering all the wonderful articles to be found at this blog–here’s another one, a fascinating article on communicating with plant spirits.

And finally, two posts for those of you who like to plan your year with the help of astrology (which is a super practical tool to have at your disposal): The Tarot Lady’s Ultra-Deluxe Superfly Astrology Guide for 2016 and Briana Saussy’s 2016 Astro RX. Lots to keep an eye on next year–you’re always better off working WITH astrological energy, rather than against it. It’s just easier.

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