Deck Squee: Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot

Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot

Don’t roll your eyes at me! Yes, this is an angel deck. Yes, it’s by Doreen Virtue. Yes, it’s been gentle-ified. But…vibrant purple, anyone? This deck is gorgeous and, unlike some decks, so happy to be photographed. And besides, I love angels. If you don’t, then sue me. 🙂

Plus, I have the Rider Waite deck memorized. If I want to see ten swords sticking out of someone’s back, that’s okay, I have that image in my brain and can turn to it any time I want.

Doreen Virtue, Angel Tarot, The Crystal Bible
Card stock? Sturdy. This deck is thicker than The Crystal Bible, and that’s saying something.

I had been considering buying this deck for some time, for two reasons: 1) I have some clients who come in to see me and get nervous. They’re afraid of what they might see in the cards. And this is unquestionably the kindest, gentlest deck I have ever seen, not counting oracle decks (honestly, it’s gentler than most oracle decks I have seen as well).

And 2) I have the Android app for this deck on my phone, and, though the images are SO bright (squee!), the app sucks. It is pretty and all, but there are many things it won’t do, and it makes you jump through hoops (like making you “choose” cards from a fanned out deck image, as if by doing so it thinks it’s going to trick you into thinking you’re working with paper cards) that drive me nuts. And when I tried recently to screenshot an image from the app to send to my husband, it wouldn’t let me, because my screenshot gesture is the same as the app’s swipe to the next card gesture. Major frustration.

So I gave up and bought the three-dimensional hard copy of the deck. And am so glad I did. Because, did I mention, purple? And lots of other bright colors as well. I like having a different color frame for each suit. Though I do wish that the purple of the major arcana differed more clearly from the purple used for the suit of air. And I could do without the silver glitter on the edges (a tarot reader who’s not into glitter? yep).

Most importantly, my readings from this deck so far have been spot on. And that makes me happy. Like an angel. Like a vibrant, purple angel!

I don’t usually do deck reviews, but maybe I will do some more, because, having written here about the Angel Tarot, I suspect I may need to also write about the Darkana. Because, you know, balance.

The Angel Tarot’s Temperance.

What’s your opinion of the Angel Tarot? Please comment!







  1. To each her own, I suppose! I’m glad you like the deck. I’m trying really, really hard not to judge you for it, but I think I’m mostly succeeding. The card backs are certainly beautiful.

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    1. Lol, thanks for not judging me! You’ll feel better after I write about some non-Doreen decks, I suspect!


  2. Hello Bonnie, I recently stumbled upon your blog and subscribed because I purchased the yoga Tarot (yet to arrive) and you seem the only one in the world who writes about it. I enjoy your posts, by the way. I hope I can share some thoughts on the yoga tarot with you when it will finally be in my hands. Doreen Virtue. I admit to own the Goddess Oracle and the Angel Daily Guidance, purchased as first decks when I began using divination oracle cards and tarot. I still use the goddess not the daily guidance as much. I have been thinking about getting one of her tarot decks for the same reason you mentioned, they do not frighten people as much and, they are great as gifts for beginners as I consider them Tarot decks with training wheels. I prefer dark decks (I own Tarot of Vampyres) and abstract art but something about Doreen’s Tarot decks attracts me. There is something comforting about them. Maybe it’s the over the top angelic goodness or the colors or the size and the card stock. I might have to place this on my wish list. Take care.


    1. Thanks, Beatrice! I would love to hear your thoughts about the Yoga Tarot. And it’s nice to hear from someone else who enjoys both dark decks and what I think of as “love and light” decks. I’d love to hear your thoughts about Tarot of the Vampyres as well…that’s one I haven’t seen.


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