Reading Your Kids Through the Tarot: Part 1: Wands

Queen of Wands, Housewives Tarot

Can reading about your kids in the tarot help you to be a better parent, or even a better teacher? Definitely! But, please don’t apply these interpretations word-for-word literally. If you are a parent, you know that every kid is different. Parenting, in some ways, is much like other relationships–the dynamic depends on the individuals in question and how they relate to others. You know your kids better than the cards do. Yes, you do.

One suit at a time–this week, the Wands (or Fire, depending on your deck).

Ace of Wands
Your kid just found a stick. And there are so many ways to use it! Pray that bashing a sibling over the head is not one (or possibly, if this card is reversed, being the one to get bashed in the head with the stick). Maybe this would be a good time for a construction project–or, possibly, a painting project. Wands can make fantastic paintbrushes.
Two of Wands
Two sticks, and a ball. Your kid is plotting. Hopefully not acts of wanton destruction. Hopefully just a game of land hockey. Reversed, this might well indicate boredom. It could be one of those “I don’t have anything to do” days.
Three of Wands
Your kid has almost enough sticks for a team–or an army–and has gone to recruit a few more friends. Reversed, this could have to do with feeling left out, when your child wants to be with friends, or, possibly, wants to be with an older sibling and his or her friends.
Four of Wands
Your child has found such a beloved playmate that they would like to marry each other one day. But for now they will settle for making a fort and settling in for a whisper-fest. A very stable, well-built, fort. Unless this card is reversed, in which case the fort may fall down on top of them.
Five of Wands
Why do you have so many sticks lying around your neighborhood? Was there a storm recently? These kids are trying to put up a tent, but they don’t seem to have the right poles, and they all want to tell each other what to do. This cannot end well. Unless it does. (Remember, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger–just don’t let your kid take that saying too literally!)
Six of Wands
Awww! Someone won an award at school and is TOTALLY ready to bask in the glory. Or, reversed, someone is feeling unappreciated–and could use some recognition of his or her efforts, which really are sincere. 
Seven of Wands
This might be showing us a game of King of the Hill or Capture the Flag, but it can also be “leave me alone.” If so, leave that kid alone (especially if this card has come up reversed). Kids need space too. They often get overstimulated and don’t know how to ramp things back down again. 
Eight of Wands
Running like the wind. And making fast progress. But, if this card comes up reversed, don’t expect to get anywhere on time today. In that case, your precious child will be moving at the speed of an adorable sloth.
Nine of Wands
Somebody is scared, and I would like to know why. Are there monsters under the bed? Ghosts in the closet? Spider on the wall? Or is something scary going on that an adult really needs to know about? Go find out. And don’t be dismissive of your child’s fears–take them seriously. If the fears are not well-founded, or if your child is overlooking an easy fix that could make him or her feel better, try to let him or her figure that out without help–though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still ask some gentle leading questions. This is a case where I tend to interpret the card in similar ways whether it is reversed or not–because the feeling of fear can be the same whether or not the fear is justified.
Ten of Wands
So much work! Stuff is so heavy! It takes so long! Don’t expect this kid to carry a bag of groceries without a massive dose of drama. At the same time, though, be sure to reward helpful kids with tons and tons of praise, even if they bellyached about it. Let them bask in a sense of accomplishment–they deserve it. No really, they do–it’s not easy to be a kid. By the way, if this card has come up reversed, maybe this load really is too heavy. Maybe this kid is being asked to do too much–and maybe those expectations are not age- or developmentally-appropriate. 
Page of Wands
This child is starting to grow up, and wants to know more about this stick. How does it grow? Will it sprout if you put it in water? Can you make a house out of these? Is this the type of wood paper is made from? Can we try making some paper out of this stick? You will be hearing lots of questions today. If this card comes up reversed, your child may be disconsolate because of not having answers to these questions, or because an experiment with the stick failed, or because he or she missed when trying to bash a sibling over the head with it….there can be lots of reasons for frustration. Maybe, if this card is reversed, this is a child who really doesn’t want to go to school, and, if that’s the case, you should be the one asking the question, why? 
Knight of Wands
This child has reached the “don’t look at me” stage, which is the reason for the armor. Also, there’s a method to his or her madness–or rather, a mission. This kid has plans and intends to carry them out. And, I’m sorry, Mom or Dad or Auntie or Grandpa or Big Sister, but, those plans are in direct conflict with your request for help with the dishes. This kid has things to do! People to see! Stuff to accomplish! And woe to you if you stand in the way. But if this card is reversed, and maybe even if it isn’t, bear in mind that sometimes kids feel ready to try things that they aren’t truly ready to try. Be prepared to be there to catch them if they fall.
Queen of Wands
This young woman has got it together. Unless this card has come up reversed, in which case she probably THINKS she has got it together, but no, not yet. If this card is upright, though, she knows her kingdom very well. She knows her boundaries and she enforces them. But more than that, she’s a leader in her community–in her school, in the groups of which she is a member, maybe even in her church. She is thoughtful and full of determination, and she intends to accomplish good things, not just for herself, but for the people around her. She would make a good mentor–her peers could do worse than to follow her. Just stand back and stay out of her way; she’ll figure out on her own what needs doing. (Please note: the Queen of Wands from The Housekeeper’s Tarot is the featured image for this post.)
King of Wands
This young man is stoked and ready to go. (Again, unless the card is reversed, and then he probably isn’t–he may even be having a crisis of lack of motivation, or may be burning out from doing too much.) He is ready to lead his peers. He knows his boundaries, and respects them–and the boundaries of others. But also, he knows how to get people stirred up. This kid could go into politics. People would follow him right off a cliff if he asked them to. Luckily, he has a pretty good head on his shoulders (again, unless this card is reversed, in which case he probably is just too big for his britches and wants to boss and bully everyone around–if that is the case, don’t let him!).

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