Is House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy a moron? Enquiring minds want to know.

I thought this was a cute question, I guess. So I asked the Modern Witch Tarot, and got slapped. The answer is: This isn’t funny, because no, he’s not a moron, he’s a white supremacist, and we have work to do.

Is this how I would always interpret these cards? No. But context is everything. I will just note that for me, Temperance is a card about talking to the dead. And in this case, it just feels like the dead who have been the targets of white supremacism, who died *because* they were targeted, are appearing to say, “so are you going to do something about it, this time?”

So no, this is not funny. It’s terrifying.

The investigation of January 6 is NOT about politics. It’s about stopping one group of people from trying to systematically murder, exploit, and oppress another group of people. And if you don’t find the violence that occurred Jan 6, and the long history of racial violence in America that it basically cited, morally wrong, then you need to leave this page and go get right with yourself somehow and some way. You need to go find that part of you that you lost somewhere, the, what’s it called again? Oh yeah. Your conscience. Because to allow this shit to continue, to NOT properly investigate, to NOT hold the election’s loser accountable for the insurrection that he called for the day of and that he told us was coming on live TV MANY times before the day itself, to look the other way AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN, is unconscionable.


  1. Well said and what a reading! I totally agree- except i think he IS a moron, in addition to being a white supremacist. (Which in itself is a bit of an…oh dear….oxyMORON.)

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    1. They WERE really interesting and made a lot of sense. It helped, since any remedy for the muck sweat one gets into thinking about these individuals is a good thing!
      I am intrigued by your take on the Temperance card- it made me think about it in a whole new way . Even from a purely “alchemical” point of view, things come together from all realms, life AND death and beyond.
      Thank you!


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