Pausing for a quick read about John Deere.

Almost forgot to say this: These cards are from the Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore.

Four cards: situation (Four of Swords) what to know (The Star), advice (Page of Pentacles), outcome (The Magician). I don’t have time for a long post so very quickly:

1. America was/is asleep. (Four of Swords.)

2. This action WILL inspire others. And the stars are on their side–maybe some astrologer reading this can comment on that? (The Star)

3. Have a look at your contract. What’s the bottom line? (Page of Pentacles) Also, of course, what can you learn here? Pay attention in class! These workers are teaching one.

4. Welp. All the tools are laid out. All the knowledge has been gathered. All the peeps have been checked with. Unions are the most incredibly Virgo of organizations. They make lists. They check their math. They bring receipts. Then *and only then* do they rally the troops. This could bring real change. Magical change. (The Magician)

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