Prognosticating about politics: checking in on the debt ceiling again

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[This post is actually from a reading yesterday–I wrote the post but didn’t have time to edit and add the Vocaroo yesterday.]

Don’t I ever read about anything besides the debt ceiling? Yes, but it seems like not lately! I am worried. My read today does look more optimistic, though.

Card number 50 from Colette Baron-Reid’s Enchanted Map oracle: The Compass.

First, I pulled an oracle card from Colette Baron-Reid’s Enchanted Map oracle deck: The Compass. I’d argue this card tells us what we already know: The route to solving this is the one we know. We know how to follow the compass. We know how to get back on track. Nothing is unknown here. The situation is: Will we do what we know solves the problem, or not?

Of course, this card also can mean that uncharted territory lies ahead. And that’s what my gut feeling has been. It’s probably no surprise to anyone who read my last post that I think Republicans are completely willing to see the government go into default on its debts.

From the Steampunk Tarot: situation: The Lovers, what to know: King of Wands (with the King’s wand pointing at his empty chair), advice: Ten of Pentacles, and Outcome: Four of Swords.

Next, I turned to the Steampunk Tarot (no special reason, I just haven’t read with it in awhile). Once again, just as the last time that I read on this (that time, reading from Mitch McConnell’s point of view, but this time, more generally for everyone’s point of view), the situation is The Lovers. This is what is called for. The two sides of the aisle come together, hold hands, make it work. This is classic politics and it’s what needs to happen to pay the bills of the United States. We know this.

Note, however, that what to know shows the King of Wands not in his chair. Not only has he not gotten in bed with the other side of the aisle (and I don’t see the King of Wands as Biden per se but as all of our politicians at this point), but he hasn’t even sat down in the chair. Um, the clock is ticking! Even the angel on the Lovers card has their hands up in the air, like, “if they won’t come together, what am I supposed to do about it?”

Advice: Ten of Pentacles. The woman on the card is actually holding a tarot card, but it almost seems like she’s holding a bill of currency, ready to pay for the family’s needs. That’s what needs to happen!

Outcome: Four of Swords. Groan. But not terrible. This seems like an agreed upon rest to me. A compromise. An agreement to do nothing–but in this case, it’s necessary to do something to do nothing. So this seems potentially positive, at least for a little while.

And yet. The clock is ticking. This card has an hourglass on it. And when the sleeper on the card awakes, will he awake with a sword in his hand? I hope not.

Make love, not war.

Update: I checked the news just before clicking publish, and found that Biden has postponed a meeting about this until next week. Maybe the politicians of wands will finally sit down in their chairs and negotiate–just not this week.

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