Interested in reiki? I am certified in Usui Reiki and would be delighted to offer distance reiki to you. (If you have questions about reiki’s history and about research regarding its effects, you may want to start by visiting the Reiki FAQ at the International Center for Reiki Training.)

How does this work?

1. You can book your reiki appointment using the Paypal button below.

2. Once you have done that, please contact me at 414-459-9273 (text or phone), or contact me in any other way that you would like (see my Contact Me page for options), to set up a time for your distance reiki. It’s important to do the reiki at a prearranged time because then you can lie down, relax, and pay attention to the experience. How else would you know whether/how the reiki is affecting you? I think it’s worth it to pay attention, though you may fall asleep — and, in fact, treatment of insomnia is itself one of the best reasons to have a reiki treatment.

3. Once the appointment is set up, plan to keep the appointment on your end — when our appointed time comes, take time to lie down, relax, listen to soothing music, and meditate if you like. I will send you a reminder when our appointment time is about to occur, if you provide contact information for me to do that.

4. Enjoy your reiki session!

5. Please contact me afterward to let me know how it went. It helps me to improve if I know what your experience of the reiki was like.


  1. Hi! I’m at home in a neck brace recovering after fracturing 3 bones in my neck due to a judo mishap. I’ve been on my computer a lot and have been researching some alternative healings which brought me here. Well, reiki sounds very interesting to me and I would love to learn a bit more about it! I’m really looking for a kind of spiritual/emotional healing to go along with the physical healing that I’m going through. I’m trying to look at what happened to me as a journey. Does that make sense? If you can let me know a bit more about the aspects of reiki, I would be extremely interested. Might it help me on my journey and possibly smooth the waters a bit?- ZACK


    1. Hi Zack, I’m so sorry that I didn’t notice this comment earlier. I have been offline from the site a lot lately. I hope that your healing is progressing well. Yes, reiki might help, and if you like, I’d be glad to volunteer to send some distance reiki your way. If you’d like me to do that, let me know what would be a good time — sometimes reiki makes people sleepy, and I also like to send reiki at an agreed upon time so that it’s easier for you to tell if it’s helped or not.


  2. I have recently become attuned in Reiki as well and am happy to hear that you are as well. What an amazing feeling it is to have the beautiful light source run through you so that you may share and heal others ♥ I hope for you to heal many as you channel this sacred energy which heals you as well. Blessings To You…


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