Card for the Day: Love

  After yesterday’s Fairy card from Doreen Virtue’s Magical Messages from the Fairies deck, I thought it would be nice to try pulling a card from another Virtue deck, Magical Unicorns. Asking for a message for the readers of this blog (and if you are one, you are among the few!), I pulled the card you see at left: Love. Below the unicorn, the banner reads “The answer that you’re seeking is love.”

This is an especially good card if your particular current life obstacles involve adversity stemming from another person. It sounds patronizing to say that other people often bring negative events into our lives, but unfortunately, it often seems that way. I’m not really referring simply to people who irritate us. If the worst other people have ever done to you is to act annoying, then lucky you. Many people have experienced far worse at the hands of others: violence, assault, abuse, betrayal, or in some cases hurt that stems from indifference or rejection. We are often counseled to stay far far away from people who hurt us, and in certain kinds of cases that is really the best advice. In other cases, though, it falls to us to break the cycle of hurt with an act of forgiveness. Either way, however — whether or not you choose to remain close to people who have hurt you or whether you choose to keep your distance, the path to healing that hurt is forgiveness and love.

But the person who hurt you doesn’t deserve to be forgiven? Got news for you. It doesn’t matter. You deserve healing, and that’s what matters. Breaking the cycle of hurt by not striking back, by turning the other cheek instead, also matters. And putting positive instead of negative energy out into the universe matters very much.

It’s not about justice.

It’s not about dessert.

In the end, it’s about change.

Forgiveness and love triumph over hate and spitefulness, every time.

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