Card for the Day: the Lovers – REVERSED!

How about a traditional tarot card today? After yesterday’s Love card from the Unicorns, I was startled to draw the Lovers, reversed. If only they had been right side up, they would have been a perfect match with yesterday’s Love card!  Here they are for your perusal.

This card is a caution. Yes, as I wrote yesterday, forgiveness and love do always triumph. But here comes the fine print. Only true love, pure love, unconditional love, will always triumph. Don’t confuse true love with a romantic fantasy, and don’t let your belief in true love cause you to give up control over your own decisions and life path to a lover who may be, to put it gently, caught up in his or her own neurosis.

How can you tell the difference between pure, true, unconditional love and a romantic fantasy?

Hey, you’re asking for a lot from a card of the day!

But here is my best advice: love that brings out the best in you is generally a pretty safe bet. Does this love that you are questioning cause you to hold yourself to your own highest standards? Or does it cause you to lower your own standards (not your standards for what you are looking for in a lover, but your standards for what you look for from yourself), bit by little bit? There’s the answer to your question. No matter what happens in your relationship, you are responsible for your own mission in life.

A final comment: Yesterday’s Love card wasn’t necessarily about romantic relationships — and this one needn’t be either.

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