Card for the Day: the Star, Reversed

If this card were upright, all would be well, but turn it upside down and the waters of emotion and the subconscious start flowing all over everywhere. We are a little out of touch with reality today and a bit caught up in our own neuroses. The day feels like a chore and we are turning our backs on the usual routines that might help both to bring us back to earth and to spiritually renew us on a daily basis. This will be the day when you think you’re in too much of a hurry for meditation or spending time in nature or maybe, even taking a shower!

But don’t worry. This too shall pass. The flood of discouragement and feelings of being overwhelmed will subside, and before they do, they may carry us to places we didn’t know we had it in us to go. The subconscious is rich in ideas and creativity, so why not take advantage of that today and brainstorm about whatever problems you are searching for a solution to? Perfect day for writing it all out in a journal.


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