Card for the Day: Ten of Pentacles

This card looks as though it is raining money! Family is together and happy, and the two dogs in the picture are getting lots of love and attention. This has to be a good omen, and it is. If times have been difficult, they will turn around soon — if they haven’t already — and in a way that will mean something to you. Expect good health and abundance.

That’s the traditional interpretation of this card. But I think it is saying something more to us as well. It’s telling us to expect all good things to come. Keep your thoughts positive, even under the influence of the Cancer full moon (which I have been reading will tend to make us a bit insecure). Stay positive, and keep thinking of how wonderful everything is going to be, because your thoughts, and your actions based on those thoughts, are what will bring about all this goodness, abundance, and wellness.

“All will be well and all will be well and all manner of things will be well.” — Lady Julian of Norwich (Christian mystic)

“Celebrate, good times, come on!” — Kool and the Gang

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