Card for the Day: Six of Wands

What a card to follow yesterday’s Ten of Pentacles! The Six of Wands literally fell out of the deck at me when I started shuffling the cards this morning. It looks like a victory parade, and might as well be. This card is supposed to indicate success and public recognition for one’s work-related or creative accomplishments. However, to me it doesn’t feel like this card is directed at us as individuals (other than to offer an absolute “believe in yourself! have faith in yourself!” affirmation). I think this card has to do with a shift in our overall, collective energy this year. Suddenly, the energy is right for success. It isn’t so much that you can expect to succeed suddenly today at work, and be carried around on people’s shoulders to the tune of “For He/She Is a Jolly Good Fellow.” It’s more that the time is right to charge ahead — success is inevitable, though it might not be today. If you have been setting goals and making plans–now is the time to follow through on them.

“Put down those spears, Joshua cried, for the battle is in our hands.” –from “Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho.”

“Damn the torpedos–full speed ahead!” –Admiral David Farragut at the Battle of Mobile Bay during the Civil War.

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