Card for the Day: Justice Reversed!

“No fair!” this card practically screams at us, like my eight-year-old, who called me a “meanie” this morning. All sorts of things seem unfair today. All the things that we normally have a problem with seem worse than bad — they are simply NOT FAIR. Especially after yesterday’s victory card, we feel as though we deserve to succeed and have all good things happen to us, not to be foiled at every turn (and we do, of course, deserve this). And this card, Justice reversed, just proves that what’s going on is wrong and unjust–doesn’t it?

Well, it certainly feels that way. But here is my take on this. Justice reversed is telling us that things will FEEL unfair — and we certainly are in a cranky mood about it, ready to go out and dish out unfairness in turn. Is whatever is happening to you unfair? There are really only two possible answers to that question: either your current situation IS unfair, or it ISN’T. Does it matter?

Yes, I just asked you that. Does it matter whether your current situation or issue, whatever it may be, is fair? Does it really matter? Ask yourself this question over and over. I have come to the conclusion that it truly does not matter whether life is fair. For it to matter, it would have to affect what you do next. And the answer to this question should NOT affect what you do next. When life feels unfair, the most practical and also the most spiritual approach, the approach I recommend, is to take a step back, get grounded and centered, and look at things from a wider perspective. Fair or not, this will help you. Look at the wider context. Look at the individuals (including yourself) whose actions have landed you in this situation. Consider the wider context for each person. Once you do this, if you do it with a pure and sincere heart, in an honest attempt to fully understand the big picture, your feelings of righteous indignation are likely to vanish. Like a cloud of dust, your cries of “no fair!” will dissipate in the cooling rain of compassion. You’ll see that there are two or more sides to every story, including your own. And it will never again seem as clear to you as it did before, who was right and who was wrong.

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