Card for the Day: Knight of Cups, Though not the World’s Greatest Lover, Advises Us to Follow Our Hearts

How romantic! Right before Valentine’s Day, the Knight of Cups appears to advise us to follow our hearts. I’m always in favor of following my heart, yet I am a bit suspicious of this knight. For someone who is so concerned with emotions, his don’t seem to run very deep, do they? If you look at the card, the only water to be seen is a little stream running through what looks like a desert. And I’m not sure I would want to take advice about romance or intimacy from a guy who is encased in armor. Frankly, I prefer a guy who is willing to put down his armor and get down off his high horse.

All that being said, though, this is supposed to be a positive card. Maybe this knight, though not the world’s greatest lover himself, is merely bringing a message. If we follow that trickle of a stream he has in front of him far enough, maybe we will come to the source of our emotions, or if we follow it far enough in the other direction, maybe we’ll come to an ocean of feeling. Maybe that stream represents a path out of the dry desert. Maybe this small stream of water represents our dreams, and maybe it is time to follow them.

Meanwhile, someone please give this poor Knight (and his horse!) a drink of water. He’s got to be sweltering in that tin can he’s wearing.

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