Prognosticating About Politicians: The Empress: Will a Woman Enter/Affect the Race?

This is the second Sunday in which I’ve pulled a card for the U.S. presidential campaigns. (Last Sunday’s post was Prognosticating About Politicians: King of Swords Reversed–or, Mitt Romney Falls From Grace?.)

This week I pulled The Empress–the quintessential mother. I’m thinking that a woman will be in the news this week, connected with the presidential race. Who will it be? Well, there are plenty of options. We could hear more about the Green Party race, where we have Roseanne Barr facing off against Jill Stein. One of the contenders for First Lady could be in the news. Or maybe Arizona’s recently resigned Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords will hit the campaign trail on behalf of President Obama. (I wish she would run for President herself! Maybe next time.)

Yet none of the options I’ve mentioned above feels right to me for this card this week. The energy of this card doesn’t feel like “somebody goes out and gives a speech” energy. It feels more like fate. It also feels more like an actual “Empress,” such as a current or former First Lady…so, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush?

But maybe it’s none of the above. Maybe it’s just time for the male candidates to start getting in touch with their feminine sides. 🙂

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