Cards for the Day: Two Reversals: 2 of Cups and Wheel of Fortune: Rough Sailing for Relationships

Another two card day — with two reversals! The symbolism in these two cards is not exactly obscure: a relationship turned upside down, possibly by a choice, with emotions running out of these cups everywhere rather than being contained or limited. The Wheel of Fortune throwing us for a loop as well. Everything feels like it is going wrong.

The thing about that wheel, though, is that it will keep turning. Everything may feel wrong today, but it won’t always be like this. Try to sit this fight out, unless the choice you face is one you just have to make and you just have to make it today, because the choices you make today will have consequences. Beware that your choice might have life-changing ramifications, or at least relationship-changing ones. If you can’t contain your emotions, at least be kind with them. Kindness won’t alter the choices you make, but it can sure make them less full of drama and easier for everyone who is involved to bear.

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