Prognosticating About Politicians: 4 of Swords–Reversed! Campaign Burnout Strikes

No rest for the weary? The thing about the campaign trail is that it never ends–not until Election Day. About now is when candidates and staffers are sick of each other, sick of the trail, sick of the campaign, and everyone is stuck in a rut. Welcome to campaign burnout. And you all still have to go out and fundraise and look perky. This is one job I’m very glad not to have!

It’s more than just needing a rest, though. All sorts of issues are confused and need to be clarified. Staffers are desperately trying to draft better policies–along with speeches for their candidates that will justify those policies and promises. The air needs to be cleared, and candidates need to get all sorts of stuff off their chests, but it probably won’t happen this week.

If you are involved in a campaign, take some time to rest anyway, and more than that–center yourself, get grounded, and meditate. Pray if that is part of your spiritual tradition. Go to church. Renew your spiritual side and get inspired for what is yet to come.

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