Cards for the Day: The Star/Eight of Cups–Reversed! Retreat for Spiritual Renewal

As often happens, I “accidentally” drew two cards instead of one for today: The Star and the Eight of Cups, reversed. Do you see the similarities between these cards? Both are night scenes, illuminated by the heavens (stars, moon). Both involve flowing water (feelings, intuition). The upside-down cups in the reversed eight of cups seems to indicate that our emotions are overflowing–out of the cups and all over the place. That can get overwhelming–and emotionally exhausting.

The Star reminds us that we need balance, one foot in the waters of emotion and one keeping us grounded on dry land. The reversed Eight of Cups points the way to how we can achieve that balance–by turning our backs on all these upsetting emotions and going into the mountains (at least metaphorically, although literal mountains are very spiritually renewing for many people and highly recommended if you can get there) to meditate and/or pray, in a solitary retreat.

It’s not easy to retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and all the demands that it makes upon us. But find a way to do so for the sake of your inner balance, so that when those everyday events come along and threaten to knock you down, you’ll be able to stay on your feet.

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