Cards for the Day: The Magician Reversed/Queen of Swords: Don’t Lie to Me, Speak Your Truth

Deception (The Magician reversed) is in the air today–but when a thing appears, so does its opposite. Honesty and sharp perception (the Queen of Swords) are here too. Is there ever a good day to lie? I don’t know, but this day is not it. Even if your intentions are good, which I hope they always are, your lies will be seen through.

And I think the Magician’s intentions, upright and reversed, truly are good–but reversed, the Magician is out of balance enough to think that he can smooth over some matter or other with a lie–and the answer is nope, not today. The Magician would be better advised to speak his heart truthfully and, if that means he has to admit to something he’d rather not admit, that will still make a better impression on the Queen of Swords than a lie would.

Do I need to say that today is an especially bad day to be a man choosing to lie to a woman? It’s not going to fly.

But this is a day about honesty, not just about lying. So be prepared to not only speak, but hear, the truth. If the Queen of Swords tries to speak her truth to you, listen. What she has to say will cut straight to the heart of the matter. That’s why she is the Queen of Swords. Today, follow her lead, and let’s see if she can flip the Magician upright again.

On a side note, I don’t know why I keep drawing two tarot cards instead of one! But it truly is accidental, though I’m starting to like it–it’s making for some interesting interpretations.


  1. Please keep drawing two cards…it’s what makes you different and what gives the cards a unique voice. Love this! Great message, too.

    “Honest hearts produce honest actions.” Brigham Young

    I had an experience with the Magician reversed. He could not speak a word of truth to save his life. In that case the Queen used her sword wisely. “Off with his head!”


    1. Thanks–I’m so glad you liked the post. I just may have to keep drawing two cards–it seems like every time that I try to draw just one, two cards pop out of the deck at me! And thanks for sharing this story–makes me wonder how different Alice in Wonderland might have been if Lewis Carroll had used a tarot deck instead of an ordinary deck of playing cards… 🙂


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