Prognosticating About Politicians: 7 of Wands/4 of Swords: Moral Stand and Struggle Followed by a Truce

These two cards seem like opposites–a struggle, taking a stand (Seven of Wands), and rest and recovery (Four of Swords). I want to read these cards backward. I want to say that one issue has been on everyone’s minds, and that after careful consideration, the candidates (one or more of them) will come out and take a stand on this issue.

But that’s really not the order in which I pulled the cards. However, it really doesn’t matter, because life is cyclical. All struggle will necessarily be followed by rest, and likely all rest will be followed by struggle, of one kind or another.

So now you’re thinking, we needed tarot cards to tell us this? No, you didn’t. But these are the cards I pulled. Sorry! Even in a campaign, it’s not likely that something dramatic will happen every week…

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