Cards for the Day: The Chariot Reversed/King of Swords: A Thoughtful Yet Backwards Day

“I’m having a backwards, I’m having a backwards, I’m having a backwards day!

Cha cha cha cha!

Day backwards having a, day backwards having a, I’m having a backwards day!” –Susan Salidor

It seems like we’re going back in time–these are the exact same cards I drew on March 8, except that then, The Chariot was upright and the King of Swords was reversed. Remember?

And ironically enough, one interpretation of The Chariot reversed could be that we are going backwards instead of forwards. Not literally, but in our thinking and analysis (King of Swords). We are making plans to go forward, but our thoughts about those plans are taking us back in time, maybe even a long way back in time. That’s okay–the past should inform the present; after all, it created it!

Don’t worry; forward progress will resume eventually and The Chariot will right itself. Meanwhile, be prepared to get out of The Chariot and walk for a while–or take the bus, figuratively AND/OR literally. Or stay put (literally and/or figuratively) and make plans and preparations for the future — as The Tarot Lady says, that might be our best hope for being productive right now!

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