Cards for the Day: The Fool/King of Swords: Time to Start Walking! Be Ready for Anything

It just seems as though I am pulling the same cards over and over again lately. Here we see the King of Swords, back again after yesterday and after showing up reversed on March 8, and The Fool, back after a reversal on March 13. I even drew from a different deck this time!

Well, yesterday The Chariot was reversed, and today The Fool has taken its place. To me that says that we aren’t going backwards anymore (whew!) but we aren’t charging forward in the Chariot, either. Instead, we are walking. And we’d better be, and we are, ready for anything, like the King of Swords. Meanwhile we are still thinking hard as we walk, making mental preparations for whatever is coming next. (But what could that be? Will our shoes wear out? There is a hole in one of mine, actually!)

Not to worry. If we’re walking, then we’re walking. Sometimes we need to slow down for a while. The sun is shining on us, the air is crisp and fresh, we have a cheerful, faithful companion (the little dog next to the Fool), and there is no reason not to be lighthearted.Everyone is right-side-up again and that has to be a good thing.

All will be well, even if it isn’t yet.

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