Cards for the Day: The Hierophant Reversed/King of Pentacles: The Old Rules No Longer Apply

Finally–a card other than the King of Swords!! Now we have the King of Pentacles, telling us that we’ve moved from a place of thinking, analyzing and maybe even obsessing to focusing practical matters, such as what we do for a living, or how to organize our homes.

The Hierophant is here too, but he’s upside down. Institutions, tradition and established authority don’t mean that much to us today. We’re ready to turn them on their heads!

What am I trying to tell you? We don’t have to always do everything the way that everybody else does. We don’t have to fit our lives into already existing rules and labels. We don’t have to rule our lives that rigidly. Look at the King of Pentacles — he is out in nature, and it is ruling him more than he it. And that’s okay, because why should a king rule? Why can’t the king be thoughtful and supportive instead?

These cards really speak to me today, as I’m fed up with trying to fit my own work into an established industry. I want to take the publishing industry and turn it on its head (but I think that is happening with or without my help). I don’t even want to run my business using the established model — I want to give my work away for free and find some way to make that model work as a method for earning a living. Impossible? Maybe — or maybe I just need to think creatively and release the constraints of the old, establishment ways of thinking. The fact is that in the age of the Internet, creative work refuses to be bound any more. It wants to grow and spread over the entire Web–like the plants surrounding the King of Pentacles.

And here we are with all of this Mercury retrograde energy carrying us back to revisit the past so we can release it. We can’t begin a new way of life or a new way of work until we have really fully released the old. And that’s my message for today. Release the past and walk forward into the light. It’s not as impractical as it sounds.

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