Cards for the Day: 4 of Wands/Reversed Queen of Pentacles: Love Whom You Choose, Marry Whom You Choose

Have you ever had someone try to interfere in your relationships? This person could be a mother who has strong ideas about what friends you should have or who you should be involved with. It could be the “other woman” trying to break up a committed relationship or marriage. It could be someone in the community who thinks they should get to decide who can marry and who can’t. Or, it could be someone trying to interfere in your business partnerships. You can probably think of many other examples.

Whoever she is, she doesn’t try to “force” her way on you. She will tell you again and again that she is not trying to control you and certainly does not mean to interfere. But she just keeps turning up, coaxing and gossiping and offering unwanted opinions. And frankly, it’s always about her and her need to occupy center stage. She is nothing if not persistent.

Well, this person is the Queen of Wands–and she appears to have been turned on her head today. No manipulation from her! Just go ahead with your partnership and make your choices and commitments unencumbered by what she thinks. Won’t she be surprised when she figures out that she can’t operate you with those puppet strings any more!

I am not saying that she’s bad or wrong. She may be very well-meaning and in certain cases she may even be right. On days when she is upright and balanced, she can be a marvelous ally to have on your side. But there are times when she is not on your side–instead, she hopes to control you and limit your freedom of choice. She can get carried away and obsessive, that’s all — we all do, when we are out of balance. So today, make your choices without her. Love whom you choose, connect with whom you choose, work for whom you choose, commit to whom you choose, marry whom you choose, and don’t let anyone else interfere.

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