Cards for the Day: The Moon/The Sun: Turning the Corner

There are so many messages in the cards for today that I scarcely know where to start:

1. Our lives are cycles–we have a daily cycle, a monthly cycle, a yearly transit around the Sun. Everything changes but you can expect it all to come back again. These cards, I think, are about the momentum of the wheel of life turning — and it is turning, whatever that may mean for you. The things we thought we could take for granted, whether they were good or bad, may cease to be relevant for a while. The wheel is turning and we may have a different set of circumstances to contend with.

2. Balance: The Moon and the Sun, yin and yang, female and male, intuition and rationality. Is this a warning to try to stay in balance? Well, although I think that is a good idea, I don’t think we have a choice today. The inexorably turning wheel will correct imbalances.

3. Fate: To me, these two cards feel heavy. They are major arcana, but it’s not just that. They feel heavy. “Ready or not, here we come!” That’s how they feel. It’s not really up to us, but we can choose whether to go with the flow or try to resist it.

4. Astrology: We have a full moon coming (Friday) and, as well, the end of Mercury retrograde on Thursday (at least for now…bwa ha ha ha!–just kidding). See? The wheel is turning. See what changes it brings for you.

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