Cards for the Day: 4 of Pentacles/Queen of Cups: Don’t Resist, Go With the Flow

The Queen of Cups showed up yesterday too, but perhaps we didn’t grasp her message (or maybe I was too sick yesterday to deliver it!). Our feelings are running strong and we feel pulled in a particular direction, but we are resisting (Four of Pentacles) and holding onto what we think is our security with all our might. But, what we think is keeping us secure may not be. Personally, I trust the Queen of Cups. If her flood of emotion and intuition is going to carry us to a faraway shore, I think that is okay. If you disagree, then hold tight and stay where you are — you’re okay there too, I guess — but the fellow on the Four of Pentacles card doesn’t look all that comfortable to me. He may be on top of the world, but I’d rather head for the seashore.


  1. Wow I got these two cards and its funny because its about this guy who I know loves me buy all his friends r single and pressuring him to keep on with this bachelor lifestyle so reading your thoughts on these two cards was very interesting to me thank you


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