Cards for the Day: Reversed 9 of Pentacles/Queen of Cups: Who Is Upside-Down Now?

I’m too sick to offer much in the way of an interpretation of these cards today, unfortunately. To me, the Queen of Cups is telling me to go and find an emesis basis, stat–or maybe a nice cup of hot peppermint tea to soothe my stomach. Did someone turn ME upside-down?

But if you want more than that, all I can say is: two women, one upside-down (not me, I was just joking). Lots of flowing emotion and intuition (Queen of Cups). Possibly a day in which our emotions get in the way of our struggle to be financially independent–or maybe not–maybe it is our particular plans that get turned upside-down, but maybe that’s not all bad. See what this means to you–meanwhile, I am going to go and make that cup of tea….

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