Cards for the Day: 3 of Swords/5 of Swords: A Day for Kindness

Well, not every day can be a good one. Heartbreak (Three of Swords) followed by soul-searching over our own actions (Five of Swords). Maybe these cards are about something happening in a relationship, or maybe the Three of Swords loss is from a literal heart attack (hope not). Either way, emotions running high, or perhaps not even running yet–maybe it’s more of a “being in shock from something” day.

All I can say is: self-care, and care for those around you. Everyone may need a little pampering today, including you. Tread lightly. And take time for whatever soul-searching  you need to do related to whatever it is that you are feeling guilty about. Comfort remedies for today: Spend time in nature, if only five minutes, or even if the best you can do is open a window. Lavender oil — or maybe valerian if it’s a severe shock. Hot tea or coffee. Rose quartz. And, lots of gentleness and patience.


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