Cards for the Day: Reversed Page of Swords/Reversed Knight of Cups: Watch Out for Misunderstandings and Interruptions

Let’s just turn everybody upside-down today, shall we? Good grief. Our thinking (swords) and feelings (cups) are all discombobulated today — and communication with others is getting all mixed up. Misunderstandings abound. (And if my experience today is at all typical, so do interruptions!) So don’t jump to any conclusions about things people tell you unless you have carefully verified the facts and are certain you understand what you are being told–and be sure that you are clear with others as well. I know I advised patience yesterday, but keep that patience running high today! Ground, center, meditate, pray (if that’s your preference). A good day for grounding oils used in aromatherapy (oils from trees, for example) and for working with darker-colored crystals such as hematite. Or for energy work such as reiki. Be patient and still, and you will stop bouncing around and come back into balance.

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