Cards for the Day: The Tower–Reversed!/6 of Cups: Forgive and/or Let Go Instead of Attacking the Tower

Major changes (The Tower) are on their way, or perhaps have already taken place, but someone/somehow/somewhere these changes are blocked (The Tower–Reversed!).  It may be that we ourselves are resisting the changes that are unfolding, or it may be that we are trying to bring about those changes and someone in our lives is blocking them.

Resist the temptation to try to crack The Tower open like it was a piñata. It isn’t. It’s made of stone, and you are not lightning, even if you are trying to rectify a grave injustice in your life to bring about a badly needed change.

Instead, approach the situation (whether lightning has already struck to your dismay or whether you hope it will strike to bring a difficult or unjust situation to an end) with gentleness and openness (Six of Cups). If something unjust has happened, bring a spirit of forgiveness and acceptance to the table. Why should you? Because that is how you make things better. Let karma worry about itself and YOU worry about making things better in this world. If you do, and there is a Tower that you need to have split open, there is a good chance that it will eventually crack open from within. Those stone walls went up for a reason, and if the reason disappears, it can be as effective as a lightning strike. Bring your Six of Cups spirit to this matter and let the chips fall where they may.


    1. Nope, not the same meaning then. In that case. The Tower would suggest major change that is not blocked but is actually underway — lightning that is about to strike, metaphorically speaking. The Six of Cups, reversed and combined with an upright Tower, suggests to me that the area in which lightning might strike would likely have to do with family relationships or relationships with childhood friends. But — remember that you also need to read the context of whatever other cards might appear with these cards in a spread, and also know that I’m fallible — if my answer doesn’t feel right to you, then maybe I’m wrong. It has been known to happen. 🙂


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