Cards for the Day: The Hanged Man/R’d 3 of Swords: New Perspective Brings Release from Sorrow

Everything seems turned upside-down today, but this is for the best. Hanging upside down like The Hanged Man gives us a new perspective and causes us to realize things we never grasped before. It is a day for deep insights and epiphanies. Moreover, hanging upside-down means that gravity can act to pull those heavy swords (reversed Three of Swords) out of our hearts. Slowly, they will slide out and release, leaving us free to heal.

Put another way, this is a day of reversals. What might seem like bad news turns out to have a silver lining–may, in fact, turn out to save us. Hanging upside-down might look uncomfortable but turns out to be surprisingly wonderful. The things we dreaded might indeed come to pass, but it turns out they were for the best. So, not only a day of reversals, but a day of surprises–and of being surprised at ourselves and our own calm balanced reactions to things.

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