Cards for the Day: 3 of Cups/r’d 9 of Pentacles: Connect With Friends While Remaining True to Yourself

Today is a good day for connecting with friends (Three of Cups) — and we are fortunate to have friends who want to love and support us no matter what we do. We should take time to be with our friends and appreciate them, and to support and help them when they need it, just as they have helped us. However, don’t be so dependent on friends that you forget to think for yourself. The Nine of Pentacles reminds us of our drive to stand on our own two feet and be independent, making our own decisions. Reversed, I see it as a warning that we aren’t quite there yet.

Trust your inner voice. Your true friends will still love you even if you disagree with them. (You might have to listen to a few “I told you so”s later, if you turn out to be wrong and they turn out to be right. But that’s okay.)


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