Cards for the Day: R’d Page of Cups/R’d 4 of Cups: Moody Withdrawal Could Lead to Missed Opportunity

It’s hard to be productive or constructive when ocean waves of emotion — or of apathy, which I think is really just emotion that the psyche has drawn a veil of fog over for purposes of self-protection — keep coming along and sweeping you off your feet (Page of Cups, reversed). Remember that if you have to deal with someone moody today — or possibly, since Pages often signify children, with a moody youngster. But I don’t see this as full-fledged tantrum weather, more like sulky withdrawal (like the guy on the Four of Cups card). Possibly caused by an unappreciated message or comment of some sort.

If you are the moody one, at least take your sulk out under a tree like our Four of Cups friend. I would advise meditation, but it’s not working for him today, is it? Maybe this would be a good day to get out and walk or hike. Don’t let a bad sulk ruin your chance to have a good day.

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