Cards for the Day: 4 of Pentacles/Reversed 3 of Wands: Control Issues Impede Our Vision

It’s Monday, and we just want to control everything, especially our money (Four of Pentacles). More specifically, we want to hold on tight to what we have and not take risks with our belongings. Too bad, because what does that do to us energetically? It makes us smaller. Look at how the Four of Pentacles man is almost rolled up into a ball, as small as he can be. All the money in the world, which he practically seems to be sitting on top of, isn’t making him bigger. What it is doing is making him unable to think of anything else–unable to dream. And that’s what I see in the reversed Three of Wands: our dreams and visions for the future are blocked by this energy. How could they not be? We have to be a little braver, a little bolder, and be willing to open up and be vulnerable if we want something wonderful to happen. Yes, we might drop our money if we fling our arms open wide, but we also might release our fears — and while our arms are open, maybe love can be welcomed in.

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