Cards for the Day: R’d World, R’d 2 of Swords: Trust Your Internal GPS to Reroute You

It feels like all our plans have been turned upside-down (The World reversed) today. We were trying to set goals and work toward them, but it looks like the chess game got swept off the table and we have to set it up again. Or, to use a modern metaphor, our GPS didn’t take into account traffic, so we have turned a different way and are now waiting while the GPS system reroutes.

Trust your internal GPS to reroute you — your instincts are good and you can make good choices. Emotions may be running high, but your blindfold has dropped off (Two of Swords reversed) and you are ready to take action — after a day of hesitation and laying plans back in place again, you may be more ready for action as night approaches.

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