Cards for the Day: R’d Queen of Cups/The Hanged Man: Unique Escape from a Psychic Flood

Upright, the Queen of Cups looks so peaceful and benign — we may not realize just how much power she has until she is turned upside down and floods our world with emotions and psychic energy. But remember — floods are not all bad. They represent a washing away and release of blockages — the main thing is to be sure that we ourselves don’t get washed away, that we are able to tread water or find high ground during these floods. What helps is having a place for the flood to drain so that all that pent up emotional energy can be released. If there is no place for floodwater to go, it can become destructive.

The Hanged Man has found a creative way to cope with today’s emotional/psychic flood, however — hanging from a tree above it all. Sometimes you have to get creative — and, though I’m not a Tom Cruise fan, think of Tom Cruise in the first Mission Impossible movie, in the scene where he hangs from an air vent and cannot touch the floor. That’s what the Hanged Man is doing here–taking a completely unique perspective and finding an original solution that no one else would have thought of. How are you called upon to do the same, today?

Meanwhile, there is one last thing to say here about these cards: they may have to do with being overextended taking care of others, and making sacrifices. I strongly feel that the message in these cards today is positive, yet feeling overwhelmed with caretaking is not a positive experience. So if this applies to you, look to The Hanged Man — find a way to get a unique viewpoint on your situation and perhaps an original solution, something that allows you to stay above it all, will occur to you.

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