Cards for the Day: R’d 4 of Pentacles/R’d Fool: The Harder You Hold On, the Less Control You Will Have

Today’s cards are a warning: if we try to hold on tight and control everything (Four of Pentacles), we are likely to find ourselves tumbling through space with no control at all (The Fool–reversed). Instead of holding on so hard, try turning the Fool right-side-up again. Step confidently on your path even if to do so, you must let go of a few possessions. Remember: if you have too much stuff, and you feel you have to hang onto it all the time, you will never be able to move freely and travel. If you want to progress on your path, you have to be willing to release some things. Look at the Fool — all he has is a little rucksack, a walking stick and a flower. Go out into the world with nothing but your self-reliance sometimes. You’ll find that with your greater freedom of movement comes, ironically, better control over what choices you make.

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