Cards for the Day: R’d Queen of Wands/R’d Judgement: Haunted by a Controlling Woman from Your Past?

Hmm. There is nothing like having the past come back to haunt you — literally! (Judgment, reversed.) Still, note that even when the past comes back to haunt you, there is still an angel present to watch over you (or under you, as the case seems to be in this reversed card).

What part of your past is likely to haunt you today? Possibly a controlling woman who always expects things to go her way (Queen of Wands). But my solution when dealing with reversed cards such as this is always: find a way to turn them right-side-up. How can you turn Judgement upright? Release the past. How can you tip over the Queen of Wands to put her back on her feet? She’s harder because she has her own opinions on the matter. Her energy has been blocked and she’s been feeling bitter and cynical for a long time. In my opinion (and hopefully this is not just because I watched the season finale of Once Upon a Time last night!) an act of unwarranted love and grace may find its way through this Queen’s defenses. Touch her heart with a kind act that she doesn’t deserve. She may drop onto her feet just to have a better look at you!

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