Cards for the Day: R’d 2 of Pentacles/Wheel of Fortune: Focus in Order to Be Ready When Opportunity Knocks

It’s hard to juggle lots of different projects (reversed Two of Pentacles) and also stay focused on progressing on our chosen path. And the challenge tends to get the better of us, especially on days like Mother’s Day, when everyone is distracted with family matters. But, if we can manage to focus somehow and turn the Two of Pentacles upright, keeping all the aspects of our lives in balance, we will be ready and able to take advantage of whatever opportunity The Wheel of Fortune is bringing us.

Notice also the congruity between the infinity symbol on the Two of Pentacles card and the wheel itself. Energy wants to flow in a circular, spiral path — if we can align ourselves with that flowing energy, it will be easier for us to move forward than it will be if we pigheadedly resist it. Be yin rather than yang in your attempts to come into balance today.

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