Cards for the Day: R’d Moon/R’d King of Wands: Put Fears to Rest by Grounding

When I drew The Moon reversed, I couldn’t resist checking a calendar–and sure enough, we are approaching the new moon, the darkest part of the moon’s cycle. We’re also approaching a partial solar eclipse on Sunday. How is this dark of the moon energy affecting our friend the King of Wands? Let’s hope he’s not afraid of the dark! But I think he may be, or at least, he’s afraid of something.

Our fears and anxieties may become overwhelming over the next few days, but The Moon reminds us that these fears are an illusion. Fear is only fear. When it is dark outside, even very dark, nothing is different (except that we have some relief from the hot sun!). Our anxiety may rise, but this is just something to observe and notice, not something to get too worked up about. Fear doesn’t contain crazy wisdom — it is just fear. Groundless, baseless fear. And that leads us to a remedy for this feeling: ground. Come to ground. Walk around barefoot, spend time in nature, meditate, breathe. That’s what’s called for if we want to turn our King of Wands right side up again so that we can take bold, BRAVE, creative, forceful action in our lives — action that will put those fears to rest.

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