Cards for the Day: The Magician/The Star: Follow Your Dream and Create the Life You Want

I couldn’t imagine two more auspicious cards to pull (and these two literally jumped out of the deck at me) if you are beginning a new project, starting a new business, beginning to write a book, or just beginning a new phase in your life. Starting a new project or even a new phase in your life is hard work–and the first step in that work is to be inspired (The Star), to follow your dreams (The Star), and to use your creative power to bring about the change that you need to produce (The Magician). If you need to make a change but are not sure how to go about it, today might be the day when you suddenly think of an idea that just might work — and today you can concentrate, focus, and you have the energy you need to really put your back into making your dream a reality. Go for it!

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