Cards for the Day: 5 of Cups/R’d 9 of Pentacles: Material Setbacks, But All Is Not Lost

Three cups on the Five of Cups card have spilled — and their precious contents have been lost. It won’t be easy to replace what was lost, but don’t despair — there are still two cups left. You’re not out of the game. Still, it’s disappointing — you may have thought that a particular project was nearing completion, especially a business deal or financial enterprise, or that a particular relationship was going to work out in a much happier way than it now has. The feelings of regret that come up may be keen, and it’s not much help to hear me say that life is full of disappointments and that tomorrow will likely be a better day. But keep your chin up. Today’s loss is not fatal. The fellow on the Five of Cups card is still looking fairly able-bodied — it’s not as if he or she were stuck full of swords! After a disappointment such as this, you have the inner and outer resources you need to pick up and start over. Clean up the mess and then begin your project anew.

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