Cards for the Day: Justice Reversed/The Hermit: Reflect on How to Reverse Injustice

“No fair!” How many times do you remember hearing this refrain as a child? Or uttering it? And how many times have you heard, in response, the tired old canard, “Life isn’t fair.”

How do we respond when something manifestly unjust occurs (Justice reversed)? In my opinion, our response to this kind of event has much to do with the kind of person we are and the way in which we approach life. Do we try to reverse the injustice and bring things into balance? Do we try to punish the injustice and get revenge? Or do we simply try to get past the situation and move on? You decide, but The Hermit suggests to me that the process of responding to injustice should include withdrawal from the world, solitude, quiet, meditation, and self-reflection. In other words, it requires that we apply a spiritual approach to the situation. This process will shine lamplight onto the experience, negative though it might be, and give us a unique perspective that we might not have considered before. The light of self-reflection and contemplation might lead us to a creative solution that involves making the world, and our world in particular, a better place. And in that practical mindset where you are trying to make the world a better place, I personally don’t see a role for retribution, not even divine retribution.

While you are reflecting, I have one more word of advice. Compassion opens the mind and gives you the opportunity to learn more about the situation in question. Anger closes the mind and cuts you off from information that you might genuinely need. Please keep this in mind.

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