Cards for the Day: R’d Queen of Cups/R’d Strength: Release Feelings Through an Emotional Drainage System

Some readers view the reversed Queen of Cups as a sign of being an emotional wreck or codependent, but I disagree, though I do see a flood of emotional energy (the water in the picture) that may threaten to overwhelm us at times. I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion, though, that we are overwhelmed — that depends on how we react to this energy. Do we let it flow through us and work with it? Do we resist and fight back? Or do we let it control us?

Look at it this way: there is a reason why cities build storm water drainage into sewage systems. Water that is allowed to flow, drain, and be released is not likely to do a lot of damage. If that same water were to be trapped with nowhere to drain, it could cause immense damage. Our emotions are like this as well. Even intense emotions need not traumatize us if we let them flow and then release them. Water, and emotions, that are allowed to flow, not only will not cause damage, but may bring blessings — without water, the land becomes dry and dusty and few things can live there. Don’t fight your feelings so hard that you turn your inner landscape into an emotional wasteland. Instead, allow yourself to soak up these feelings and be healed by them. You’ll be all right, as long as you have adequate drainage. (Can  you tell I have gardening on my mind today?)

However, a flood of emotions will tend to wear our patience (Strength) thin. We need that patience today, especially with ourselves. Take things slow and go one step at a time.

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