Cards for the Day: 4 of Cups/R’d 4 of Swords: Reflection or Action? Organize, Plan, Act.

“I was told there would be no math.” But today’s cards are full of numbers…two fours (Four of Cups, reversed Four of Swords), which make eight, but also, if you look at the cards side by side, you can see that each card depicts a three and a one. Three worries that prevent us from reaching out and seizing our dream (Four of Cups) and three issues that potentially threaten our survival (doesn’t the individual lying in repose on the Four of Swords card look as though he/she is about to be impaled on the three swords on the wall, when the card is turned over?), while one issue alone consumes our attention. What is going on here?

Stress, preoccupation, and a sense of being more in our minds than in our bodies today. There is a lot on our minds. Try to ground and center, but it’s not going to be easy, with everything on that long to do list and with all the problems that are awaiting resolution.

More math…you could read one upright four and one reversed four as being four minus four, which makes zero. Much as we want to get things done today, there’s a risk we may not manage to progress at all. But I think there’s a way to avoid that outcome: with a strong will, we may manage to be organized and productive. What’s called for is to form an intention. Reach out with a hand and grab that floating cup. or seize one sword and stride out into the world with it. That’s all it takes. Though the energy for nothing to happen today is here, its equal and opposite energy, the energy that we need to walk out into the world and make a difference, is here as well. Is your day going to be one of reflection or action? Make your choice, and then let it be so.

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