Cards for the Day: R’d 10 of Wands/9 of Wands: Anxiety Still Holds Us Back From Taking That Last Step

Sometimes we just don’t know when to stop, and today is one of those times. Do you ever find that when you are working on a project that involves multiple steps, sometimes you do one of the steps exceptionally well, taking extra care with it, because of anxiety over moving on to the next step? That is what I see happening today. Procrastination, but procrastination that occurs in the midst of working very hard (Ten of Wands), because we may be feeling anxious about what comes next. So we respond to that anxiety by trying to be over-prepared. Frankly, overpreparing is not a bad strategy for dealing with anxiety, so I won’t tell you not to do this or to let go of it. But look at your own circumstances. Are you overpreparing? Are you ready to let go? Are you being honest with yourself about the anxiety you may be experiencing as you look ahead? Also, the Nine of Wands card often looks to me like a cage. Are you really overpreparing, or are you caging yourself in to prevent yourself from moving forward into what feels like a risk? Take some time to reflect on what you are really doing and why you are doing it. Is it overkill, at this point?

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