Cards for the Day: 2 of Pentacles/The Chariot: Move Forward Confidently But Carefully

The Chariot

When you are beset by conflicting demands, one of two things can happen: you can be totally overwhelmed and get nothing done, or you can flow with the forward energy of all that must be done, juggling priorities (Two of Pentacles) and driving forward (The Chariot) despite frustrations. Today’s cards counsel us toward the latter option. Despite the stress of multitasking, hold your head up with confidence and drive your chariot forward. You have the reflexes and the skills you need to respond quickly to changing events and to adjust your course — and today, you have the focus and determination for this task, as well. Today, even the energy of shifting emotions and frustrations can be a wave that you ride forward to accomplish what needs to be accomplished.

My attention is also drawn to the wings on the front of the chariot, and the two sphinxes, symbolic of protection — and to the armor worn by the charioteer. The path forward today involves certain risks, but you don’t have to face those risks in a state of complete vulnerability: there is protection available. Some of that protection is angelic, but some of it requires you to mind your own defenses by putting on your armor and taking care to have friendly protectors nearby. There is juggling to be done here as well, but you are up to this challenge. In this regard, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each choice that you make carefully, as if you were a military commander going into battle. The energy is advantageous for moving forward, but that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t still get hurt, if that’s the kind of risk you are facing. Maybe it’s because we have just passed Memorial Day, or maybe it’s because the charioteer is armored, but I can’t stop thinking about our troops overseas as I write this — if that’s you, bear in mind that although today’s cards are auspicious, you still MUST be careful.

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  1. After posting this entry, WordPress popped the following quote up into my sidebar: “The scariest moment is always just before you start.” –Stephen King


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