Eastern Hemisphere Special: Free Email Readings to the First Five People to Contact Me

Eastern Hemisphere special (or if you prefer, the Western Hemisphere insomniac special): Have a burning question you’d like to reflect on with the help of a quick tarot reading? The next five people to contact me get a free two-card (my specialty!) email reading on a question of your choice. It will be more fun if you ask something open-ended, not a yes or no question.
How can you contact me? You can email or IM me at intuitiveblogging@yahoo.com, send me a Facebook message through the site’s FB page (http://www.facebook.com/IntuitiveBlogging), or, if you prefer anonymity, you can Meebo me through the sidebar chat box (Google is dismantling Meebo on July 11, but it’s still up for now). 🙂

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