Cards for the Day: R’d 6 of Swords/R’d 5 of Pentacles: Delays, Long Journey, Struggle, But Progress

Today’s cards could be about my own day — I’m rather late in posting because I myself had two long journeys, which were a struggle in the heat, in a car with no air conditioning, which keeps overheating and refusing to start. Hence today’s cards are delayed!

If this is what your day has been like as well, don’t lose heart. Progress that is slow is still progress. Don’t resist the long journey. Acceptance, patience. There are reasons for these things.

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  1. This kind of experience with delays could be a meditation on abundance (see my post from yesterday). Today, I experienced an abundance of delays and an abundance of opportunities to practice patience! 🙂

    I’m not joking. This IS a type of abundance.


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